Yosegi Pattern Puzzle Box

Today is Jesse's 23rd birthday, but you're the one who can obtain the gift.

Your last chance at owning the Yosegi Pattern Puzzlebox is today. 

We are auctioning off our very last Yosegi Pattern Puzzlebox of the series. This is a special box with a gorgeous design (including exotic purpleheart wood and intricate detail work) made two years ago. The box was designed to be a challenge to open, but it does not rank as "difficult" for a puzzlebox.
Check out the video preview on Youtube!

Wanted to buy one when it came out in 2017 but missed your opportunity? In honor of Jesse's birthday, here's one more chance to buy your own special handcrafted puzzlebox to treasure for years to come.

---Auction now closed. Thank you! 

Shop Update
The workshop is buzzing with activity as we complete the finishing touches on our special Jack-In-The-Box and finish the woodwork for drawers for the puzzle cabinet. Follow Jesse Born Wood Design on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for photos and videos of our recent progress! 


Excitement is building in the shop as we wrap up production for our favorite little Jack-In-The-Box! This is a small puzzlebox that holds a deck of playing cards - but the challenge begins with opening this little beauty. We are selling a limited edition of 100 boxes, and demand for this innovative design continues to grow.