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A beautiful black puzzle box  with a ship's wheel

Captain's Quest

This Puzzle is a nautical theme sequential discovery puzzle made from Steel, Brass, Copper, Ipe Lumber, and PLA (internal only).

We estimate and are working towards one puzzle per year in this flagship-style adventure-theme puzzle. Josh and I originally designed the Sea Chest puzzle and Luke Marshall made the copper ornaments for them, so this is in effect a continuation of that theme and genre.

Pictures and videos of the puzzle will come out soon

This design is a collaboration of Jesse Born, Luke Marshall, with special thanks to Joshua Gant. There will be 300 puzzles made which will be signed and dated. We reserve the right to make another edition in the future if enough interest is shown and our schedules allow. This is only a trial run in effect, but we look forward to making a sequel if our buyers are interested.

We finish and ship puzzles in one-piece-flow as orders are filled. This form will send you an email link that will allow you to log back in and see how far away your order is from shipping.

As a buyer of the Captain's Quest, you will have the first opportunity to purchase any future sequel puzzle. The estimated completion date for all 300 puzzles is the end of 2023.

USA Shipping Included. Overseas Shipping: $43

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Puzzlebox T-shirts!

Check out these puzzle t-shirts I designed! You can purchase these here on my Teespring page.

My employees and I enjoy wearing brand T-shirts but Teespring allows us to sell these shirts without taking any of our time away from building and shipping puzzle boxes. What's not to love? 

I get a $5 kickback for every t-shirt purchased, so a big thank you for buying a shirt!

The Lost Vault of Jesse James

I designed the Lost Vault in a very basic CAD model back in 2020, and I've only just gotten around to bringing the puzzle to market through the technology of 3D printing. This box will be my first 3D printed puzzle! 

Ben Oxenford started helping me design the puzzle for 3D printing in November of 2021 and six months later we are now ready to share it with the public! 

I sent the puzzle to Steve Canfield to review, and then Robert Yarger as well, and they gave me some great feedback and we subsequently added another couple of puzzles to make it a little harder to solve all of the box's secrets. This is a beginners puzzle, but there are multiple layers to the box that make it a well-rounded solve with riddles and hints along the way. 

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The Fibonacci Puzzle Box

The Fibonacci box is a mathematical anomaly, and is based on a previous puzzle design called the "Pi Box" .

There are currently no pictures of a finished Fibonacci box as the puzzle is still developing. 

Please checkout the social media links to see the latest progress on this puzzle.

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