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The Sherlockian Box: A 5-Month Subscription Experience

ABOUT THE PUZZLE EXPERIENCE: This is the first international release of Jesse Born's very first subscription-based puzzle experience: The Sherlockian Box.

This puzzle was designed as a 5-month experience (condensed into a single shipment for international orders) where puzzlers are tasked to uncover clues, decipher codes, and unravel the mystery of the locked Sherlockian box. Puzzlers will be shipped a single box containing all five month's packets, including a locked puzzlebox that holds the answer to the mystery... if you can open it.

This release may be limited as this is a new format for Jesse Born puzzles. We intend to re-release this subscription box in the future, so if you didn't get in this run, we'll post again when we're ready to re-open orders.

For USA orders, see more details at checkout!

For overseas shipments, see details at checkout!

Puzzlebox T-shirts!

Check out these puzzle t-shirts I designed! You can purchase these here on my Teespring page.

My employees and I enjoy wearing brand T-shirts and Teespring allows us to sell these shirts without taking any of our time away from building and shipping puzzle boxes. 

The Lost Vault of Jesse James (PLA)

I designed the Lost Vault in a very basic CAD model back in 2020, and I've only just gotten around to bringing the puzzle to market through the technology of 3D printing. This box will be my first 3D printed puzzle! 

Ben Oxenford started helping me design the puzzle for 3D printing in November of 2021 and six months later we are now ready to share it with the public! 

I sent the puzzle to Steve Canfield to review, and then Robert Yarger as well, and they gave me some great feedback and we subsequently added another couple of puzzles to make it a little harder to solve all of the box's secrets. This is a beginners puzzle, but there are multiple layers to the box that make it a well-rounded solve with riddles and hints along the way. 

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This was so much fun to solve :) A solid well built box. Loved the design and intriguing patterns. Very happy I have a box from this designer