Finishing the Pi boxes

Jesse Born
Pi Puzzlebox Progress Update

Entering finishing stage

Early today I put the first coat of satin finish on the bottoms of the Pi boxes. I had put shellac on my last run of puzzle boxes yet I knew there was room for improvement with that particular finish. Someone suggested a particular satin finish with Renaissance wax and I decided to give it a try. I posted a picture of the results on Facebook and I had about nine replies all in favor of the finish so obviously that will be my choice for these puzzles.   
I just got my logo stamp from Branding Irons Unlimited. All my previous puzzle boxes have been signed with a burner by hand so hopefully this method will be much more efficient and accurate.   

I've been extremely busy trying to keep track of three or four mini projects I'm completing all at the same time in order to get these boxes shipped on time. I got half of my parts back from the machine shop last week and the rest are coming in today so I'm very happy for that.
It is so rewarding seeing the first coats of finish going on the various puzzle components! I'm very much looking forward to finishing the yosegi on top of the puzzles.