Final Pi box update: Shipping!

Shipping Week!

I only need another coat or two of finish on a couple of the parts inside the Pi boxes and then another coat of wax will make these boxes done! The instruction page/manual will be interesting to type up and illustrate, but I already have a head start on that. All of the boxes will need a little fine tuning before getting wrapped up and shipped out so I'm hoping that stage goes quickly and easily....but we shall see.

I had a super cool idea for some custom packing that would be economical and yet stylish and durable but the boxes needed a lot more hands on attention than I had anticipated in the final stages so I decided to save that idea for another time. All of the boxes come with a signed certificate and instructions. I will be shipping via a two day option, I have not selected a carrier yet although in the past I've always done USPS as it is conveniently only a mile up the road.