Secretum Cista update #9

Last update before completion!

This time I really mean it!
I know the Puzzle chests are supposed to be finished now but I just haven't been able to rush the process. I have been getting much faster at drawer lining though! Each level in the chests has a color scheme that matches across the three drawers; the top three drawers are Purpleheart/Poplar, the next three are Paduak and Cherry, etc. 
I really like the treasure hunt theme for the chests and I have been making a lot of tools this week to allow the puzzler to progress through the solving stages.

I have not worked on the final three drawers at the bottom of the chest yet, though they are assembled. The magnitude of this project is insane and I will finish by chipping away a little bit at a time. 

I have a couple pictures of some prototyping I did for my new puzzlebox, Jack in the Box. It's a box that holds a standard deck of 52 playing cards and requires 4 secret movements to open. It's similar to my Yosegi pattern box in complexity. I posted a picture of the newest prototype on Facebook and Instagram and received pretty positive feedback so I decided to pursue this design next. the box will cost $250 and I will be making about forty boxes...32 of those are reserved already.  

New video this week!

Here is one of my latest puzzle chest videos. I have fun making the videos every so often and I enjoy it because it breaks up the monotony in the shop. This weeks video is a little weird but what can I say; it's been a long week!