Secretum Cista update #8

Last update before completion!

I don't even know where to begin this update on the puzzle chests. It's been a while since I updated the progress because I always feel pressured to spend more time in the woodshop trying to meet the long overdue completion date. I think as I enter this final stage of the chests I need to clear my head of everything business related and just focus on finishing the product well. 

A friend gave me some really nice figured Mango wood which I will be using for fronts on the Paduak drawers. The Mango wood is a little bit soft so I will frame it with hardwood to protect it, but it will look fabulous with turned drawer pulls. 

I have almost all the drawers glued up and the picture in this update shows the basic structure of the puzzle chests, though there are a few small changes that will take place. 

New video this week

Here is one of my latest puzzle chest videos . I have more footage recorded that I will upload when I get a chance to edit it.