Secretum Cista update #7

Drawers getting finished

Completed Drawers!

I just finished the first drawers for Secretum Cista! I took out the mechanism to take some photos after I affirmed that it's working well and is fun to tinker with! I decided to turn pulls for the drawers from Katalox lumber because I wanted a really dark wood to contrast the Holly on the front of the drawers. I'm thinking about inlaying a strip of yosegi and then contouring the drawer fronts to make the chests really flaunt some style. 
I'm a little worried about when the project will end because I've been so long getting to this point and I've got a long way to go. I do have a few things rolling in my favor now: 
1. I have learned what my tolerances need to be for drawer "slop" so now I will be much quicker fitting the rest of the drawers when the time comes.
2. I've glued 18 drawers so far and, to be honest, it was a piece of cake....I have nothing to fear going forward with the rest of the drawers.
3. I've made many mistakes that are now out of my system (warping drawer shelves being one of them; switched to Baltic Birch)
I am really, really pleased with the puzzle chest right now's looking better than I hoped!
I am also opening up and offering to sell these chests in a couple months when I begin another production run. I think I will limit the total number to 10-11 or so, as I'm more interested in designing new things instead of revisiting old works. I've sold a couple of these to buyers in the UK that are not part of the current production project and that's why I've decided to make another run shortly. 

New video this week

I shot a bit of footage while making a drawer pull on the lathe