Secretum Cista update #6

Cabinet construction

Assembling the Cabinets!

I was very excited to put together the first Wenge cabinet! The dovetails were perfectly matched and it is absolutely seamless...well, okay; there is a 1/32" seam in one of the dovetails because I indexed the jig incorrectly but I can fill that and place it on the bottom of the chest and no one would ever notice it. I practised on my own puzzle chest (#0) and now I'm ready to cut the other five cabinets.
The cabinet is rock solid even without any glue and I can't tell you how much that makes me happy. This project is turning from something I dreaded a bit to being a very fun, very educational journey that I'm looking forward to working on every day. I've decided it is worth it to my clients for me to go slow..haste makes waste. Obviously I have to pay myself a decent amount (too late, haha) but if I don't make any mistakes I won't be spending time and money fixing my mistakes.
All five chests are officially spoken and given a down payment for so I will look forward to making another small production run of these in the future for everyone who wants one. 

New video this week

I finally put together the drawer production video, and although it is very short it shows exactly what I've been doing. I'm thinking I should take time to film certain steps of the production process for my own reviewal use as I revisit designs in the future. If I hired an employee to make my puzzles it would be very easy for him to figure out how to make a box just by looking at the Fusion sketches and then watching me build the parts in the workshop. It's a nice thought anyway.