Secretum Cista update #5

62 Drawers almost done!

Drawer Dovetails

I've taken some time off this week but all in all it's still been one of the most productive weeks to date I think! That's really encouraging for me because recently the workflow and pace has been all over the place it feels, so it's great to be accomplishing so much. 
I've cut 66 drawers for the puzzle chest so far (with a few spares) and I am just now finishing the dovetailing process on the router table. I have also finished gluing the Wenge panels and those will soon get squared up and be framed into cabinets.
I had someone give me a really good idea that I'm am very enthusiastic about which is making a polycarbonate glass back or window for the chests which will show off the fancy gears and levers I'm putting into the chest which would otherwise see very little daylight. I can see this being very entertaining to watch from the back as the drawers throw levers and turn gears/ lift counterweights; very cool.

No video this week

I've shot video while cutting the drawers but I just haven't had time to edit anything yet. I was up until 10:30 last night gluing the last of the Wenge panels together so I lost editing time for the video footage. 
Thankfully my brother has been able to help out in the shop some so I can move forward on multiple fronts. I really hope to have these chests shipped out of here by the end of January. 
If you have any questions about the puzzle chest build or future projects I'm happy to answer them!