Secretum Cista update #4

Cabinet and drawer construction

Building the Cabinets

Everything is moving so rapidly in the shop right now! It's fun to just sit back and watch...except it doesn't work like that.
As you can see in the photo above I'm putting splines in the Wenge cabinet to maximize the strength of the joints. I will be gluing the Wenge panels for the chest together in just a few days. Right now I'm working on making 66 drawers from Mahogany. I will be making 3 drawers for each chest out of Katalox, just to add a contrast and to imply significance in the sequence during solving....difficult to explain exactly but the chests will have a final secret that is unlocked by a special mechanism concealed in these three dark drawers. 
I very much want the chest to become interactive with the solver and take on a bit of life of it's own at times, but this will mean adding counter weights and gears. I'm nervous about the feasibility of the ideas I have right now so I'm being extremely carful with the mechanics. 

Latest Shop Update Video

I've continued to film the puzzle chest build for Youtube.
I'm still running late but I'm moving so rapidly ahead at this point that all I want to do is continue this pace for a few weeks and then I'd be happy! I know things are going to get really intense in about a week so I'm mentally preparing for that and trying to think a few steps ahead. 

If you have any questions about the puzzle chest build or future projects I'm happy to answer them!