Secretum Cista Puzzlechest Production!

Getting back to Production!!!

I'm very happy to be getting back into puzzlechest and puzzlebox production after insulating the workshop before winter comes. 
I've had quite a bit of help over the summer from a couple friends in the area. Kevin and Micah both went back to school but Josh will still be able to work with me on the puzzleboxes, so that's great! 
This week we will ship Jack in the Box puzzle number 50! I believe Josh and I can complete the remaining fifty puzzles in less than one month.

I'm working on Secretum Cista Puzzlechests on the days that Josh isn't here and the progress is fantastic! I know my deadline is the end of the year but at the end of the day I'm determined not to rush this project. Perhaps I can hire on some more help if I get the chance when there's an opportunity with basic woodworking skills involved.  

This spring I agreed to make a custom puzzlechest for a client and I got permission to share pictures and video of the production so that will be something interesting to see in the coming months.

I'm excited about the level of woodworking we are able to achieve now....not because I'm building the best puzzles on the planet, but because we are better than we were six months ago. I'm trying to keep quality my number one concern and I've found it's actually quite fun to see just how precise something can be becomes a game. My employee Josh works in a machinist job shop and he has very good instincts and has become a very nice addition to the team. 

Check out a few videos from the past month!

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