Saifu Update #7

Final Setup before Shipping!

It's hard to believe the time has passed so quickly and these puzzleboxes are getting ready to ship! I was quite nervous about the final setup going awry but it has proven to be a breeze. I did end up slightly changing the way the box is solved...I can't say anything without giving away the solution to the puzzle but in the end I really think it worked out better with my late modification. 

So I still haven't had the instruction booklets printed yet since I'm waiting on ink to arrive next week but this gives me time to carefully check each box before they get packaged up. I made a video of some of the production work in the shop (very unedited, sorry for shaky footage!) which is seen here on YouTube

I also started accepting payments for the puzzle on my website's for sale page if you're interested in purchasing the puzzle. It's available through Etsy as well but you will have to pay a little extra for the sale fees, but it makes no difference to me. 

I'm excited to be embarking on a new endeavor for the next couple of months which is puzzle drawers in a small chest. I'm going to be making about five or so of these but I'll be designing the chest in Fusion360 which I believe will be an immense help in reducing the time spent prototyping.  
The Art of Play box will be pushed back until 2019....It was too late to make Christmas sales with the box and the team wasn't quite happy with the design. I could tweak the design and sell it myself but I've got another box idea that I want to release after the puzzle chests are done.