Saifu Update #6

Almost ready for finish!

As you can see in the photos above I found a better way of clamping the Saifu boxes when gluing: Rubber Bands! I glued the first twenty or so puzzles with six camps each and it was a struggle to get the pressure even from all sides to ensure the boxes clamped up squarely. I saw Hideaki Kawashima used rubber bands to clamp up his Secret Box Box puzzles so I figured I would give it a shot on my Saifu puzzles. The bands work tremendous! The pressure is evenly applied and the boxes automatically square up when struggle at all! So in conclusion this method is: messing with clamp position and adjustment, 2. skill involved to put on the bands, 3. Space saving...I was running out of counter-space with the clamp method...the bands take up zero counter-space, 4. More accurate...the box is glued square with the bands every time because of that even pressure. I can't wait for a new project when I can use the bands to replace clamps!
I'm waiting on a new router bit to come in Thursday and then I'll be able to cut the beads in the side of the puzzleboxes. After this there's just a little bit of beveling that needs to be done on a tablesaw and then the finish and final touches. This has been a bigger project than I anticipated (aren't they all) but I'm pretty sure I'll be making more of these boxes in the future so I'm happy to have the experience under my belt. 
Seen below is a new and hopefully final proof of the puzzle for Art of Play(click on pictures to expand). I still haven't negotiated a price or ship date but I'll be shipping this proto to CA today for approval.