Saifu Update #5

Gluing the Boxes together!

I'm happy to announce that I've begun gluing up the Saifu puzzleboxes! It won't be long now before this production run is finished. It does take a bit of time to put six clamps on every box and then check to make sure nothing is out of square, but the nice thing is the parts are exactly the same size! My level of accuracy is getting better with each production run and the glue ups are not as disastrous as they used to be.
There are so many possibilities with the multiple wood selection option. It makes it more interesting to work on the puzzles knowing that many of the boxes will be totally unique. Although some of the pre-orders were completely a makers choice I didn't have any that were exact copies of each other which is cool.
I'm really excited to be releasing the box soon but I feel I need to make a video with a better goal outlined for the box, or else it's not quite as logical of a solve for puzzlers. I think if I just demonstrated what needs to be done to open the box it would make solving the puzzle much more enjoyable. Obviously I wouldn't want to remove all mystery but I don't think that would be the case. 

Seen are some new prototypes I'm currently working on. The box is for Art of Play and is actually made to hold a deck of cards. The box only opens with a few tricky movements that are hidden around the box. I'm still working on the design but we are getting very close to a production run for that. 
I did a decent job of making a Yosegi bookmark with a Bloodwood backing on it that is still thin enough to be quite flexible (.030"). The Japanese make Yosegi bookmarks even thinner than this but until I get a Kanna plane this is about as thin as I can accurately slice.