Saifu Update #3

I just wrapped up the first week of Saifu production. Everything is going pretty smoothly right now but then I've come to expect that in the first few weeks of a new box run. There are certain steps I've done that I'm nervous for in the coming weeks, particularly if wood warping or expansion occurs. I've got my thin parts clamped flat as they wait to be glued up so I hope that covers any potential issues there, but time will tell. 
I included a picture of my very simple "tumbler" below for the brass details. It is just a rock polisher probably intended for Boy Scouts predominately but it works fantastic for these bass parts! I have two different grits and a polish and pre-polish that help to get the brass smooth and de-burred quickly. I do need to use super light sand paper for a few seconds to brighten up each part because they do tarnish and loose their shine in the tumbler but it's no big deal.
I finished a short video which I posted it on YouTube about the some of the finer points of making the wallet puzzleboxes. Check it out!

Saifu Box on YouTube

The puzzles are moving along quickly!

Soon I'll be ready to glue up the boxes which marks the end of the customization era for this puzzle run but since I have so many unordered boxes available people should be able to find one they like anyway. You would be lucky to get exactly what you pictured after this point but I am making equal numbers of Wenge, Purpleheart, and Brazilian Cherry extras and about half of those have brass details and the other half yosegi. 
I expect things to get very difficult in the next two weeks as I tackle the internal mechanisms for these boxes. The nice side of things is I won't be too surprised because I literally made 15 prototypes of the box! Hopefully all goes smoothly....