Saifu Production Update #2

Brass parts are in! Production begins.

I've already begun production for the first run of Saifu puzzleboxes. Very exciting to have finalized the design and to be moving on to the next stage. 
I really wanted to enter the design in the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition this year but I ran out of time as I was tweaking things and making small variations to the design. Perhaps I can make the entry with the puzzle next year!
I received around 30 requests for the new wallet puzzle via the customization  page on my website. I believe the demand is a lot higher for the puzzle but the "form" on my website is a pain to use and I'm not sure many people are even aware of it's existence at this point. Having 30 pre-orders gives me a good idea of what color combos will be most popular and now I can make many extra parts that I am pretty sure will be used up later. I'm going to shoot for 70 boxes for this run.
I'm going to be sending the puzzle to a few interested people with massive social media accounts that I believe will spawn another order for a production run of a similar size. 
Things are getting quite busy in the workshop right now because I'm also trying to design a custom chest of puzzle drawers for a client and a simple puzzlebox to be sold wholesale to I'm super excited for those projects as well!

I hope to send these updates with more regularity now that the build is underway. Stay tuned!