Saifu Box Sign Up

You have the option of choosing the woods seen on the outside of the Saifu wallet puzzlebox. If you like you can use the contact form in the footer of this website to order one of these boxes; just copy the options below paste it in the contact form and fill in the blanks. If you want to be surprised and have no preference of wood selection at all just put “makers choice” in the appropriate blank(s) and I will choose materials myself.

This is simply a sign up for the puzzle run, the boxes will not be paid for until they are ready to be shipped.  When I have your box ready I’ll send a picture of the finished puzzle and direct you to a PayPal link for purchasing.

The Saifu box is $150 for destinations inside the USA and $165 for other countries; shipping and sales tax is already included in the price.

Material options: Wenge, Purpleheart, Brazilian Cherry.

Details: Green/Purple/Orange Yosegi, Brass.






Satin or semi-gloss finish:

Shipping destination( USA/Other):

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