PuzzleBox Office Newsletter for September 2020

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Current production: Secretum Cista/Sea Chest |  Secretum Cistas shipped in September: 10
Sea Chests shipped in September: 1
Sea Chests built in September: 5
Current puzzle in design: SunDial + [unnamed] 
Shipping goals for October: 15 Secretum Cista Puzzlechests, 45 Sea Chest puzzleboxes.     
The big things accomplished this month were gettings systems in place, finishing and shipping puzzlechests, and rethinking the business from the top down in order to maximize the value going to the customer. My customers love puzzles, so I want to continue to give them better and better puzzles, while the cost continues to go down, and the quality continues to go up. 
I honestly think I'm only hitting the tip of the iceberg as I experiment with puzzles divided by price, and I'm very excited to continue this journey and surprise the fans by giving more value and higher attention to detail with every new box. 
 What will lead me to this destination? Cutting out the extra things I do that aren't needed, or could be done better by a machine or a hired person with more time to dedicate to the task.
What is extremely important to my customers is that the puzzles are really well thought out, look beautiful, and don't cost an arm and a leg to manufacture. Those three things are what I want to dedicate most of my time to moving forward. 
I love I-Spy books when I was a kid so I thought it would be cool to make my own, so here goes: 
There are two black-topped glue bottles in this picture; find both of them.