PuzzleBox Office Newsletter for October 2020

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Here is what got done this month in the shop!

Current production: Secretum Cista/Sea Chest |  Secretum Cistas shipped in October: 8
Sea Chests shipped in October: 0
Sea Chests built in October: 3
Current puzzle in design: SunDial + [unnamed] 
Shipping goals for October: 8 Secretum Cista Puzzlechests, 50 Sea Chest puzzleboxes.     
Admittedly, the shipping and building numbers for October don't look good....at all. Granted. 
The ultra-fantastic news is that Josh and I have the vacuum table up and holding perfect tolerance! Never has CNC work been so efficient and precise! It took us a long while to get that step accomplished in the production journey, but now that we're over the hump we are very optimistic about the manufacturing end of things. 

I had looked at a new building in my area for a brief period but until I get a little more momentum I'm going to let that go. Hiring a few employees would squeeze me out in a hurry, but for now it's not overcrowded. 

Making jigs(fixtures) is the real bread and butter of manufacturing. We've got a really solid system falling into place that produces accurate, repeatable results. The trickest code to crack right now is the final glue-up of the Sea Chests...this is where things need a lot of custom work right now. 

I love our new setup, it works swimmingly!