PuzzleBox Office Newsletter for December 2020

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Here is what got done this month in the shop!

Current production: Sea Chest 
Sea Chests shipped in December: 5
Sea Chests built in December: 10
Current puzzle in design: SunDial 
Shipping goals for January: 40 Sea Chest puzzle boxes.     

Welcome to the last update of 2020 in the Box Office!

Obviously, our shipping numbers for December are...atrocious. Even though our lackluster production results are on display for everyone, I'm glad I started posting the numbers. Having real goals and deadlines is something the business could use right now...But it's always a balance of getting product out the door and acquiring new tools to stay competitive. 

This month the compressor broke....which stopped the CNC. The new compressor was already on order but it took an extra week to arrive. Figuring out how exactly how the machine remembers spindle Z height led to about $120 in broken tooling and around $40 in wasted material. The time invested is the most costly thing...but I know that learning new tech is the way this world spins around. 

I am super happy with where the business is right now(minus the waiting customers) and where we are going in 2021!!! I realize it might be hard for the reader to come to the same conclusions, but time should prove words. 

Though the CNC makes me able to drive down costs on certain puzzles, I'm feeling the need to get back to my roots...high polish, geometric maze puzzle? Ebony? Ironwood? Lignum Vitae?

It's working!.....for now!