New Puzzlebox Blog!

I’m excited to be able to start blogging directly on my website now! Previously I’d only been able to post updates and pictures on facebook, which I hope to continue to do, but with a permanent blog dedicated to production pictures and updates I can go a little deeper behind the scenes where it might be too deep for facebook.

I also have a mailchimp newsletter that I plan on continuing in spite of the new blog but I’ll have to figure out how to juggle the content. I don’t want to simply copy and paste information as I’d rather have certain aspects of puzzle building/design highlighted on a particular feed so readers can pick and choose the site with the content they enjoy most. Case in point, Instagram is really not the best for in depth discussion on puzzle design so I try to just keep that platform for jig pictures and product photos.

I don’t have a good idea at this point how often I’ll be updating the content for the blog but I hope to fall into some sort of regular schedule eventually. In the meantime, thanks for checking out my website!