New 2020 Project! Sea Chest by Jesse Born

New 2020 Project! Sea Chest by Jesse Born

Prototype Complete! Limited Edition Planned

With extra help in the shop I want to continue to build puzzleboxes as I to work on other projects, so for the past couple months I've been working on some new box designs. 
I can't tell you how much fun it was to build this pirate treasure chest. I'm really going to enjoy making the edition of these. 
The box is going to cost $750 to make, which is three times more expensive than my last box, and the reason is it's four times as much puzzle, around six times bigger, and incorporates some incredible custom copper work by Luke Marshall

This trunk has so much mystery in it; I feel like I have a really good secret and I can't tell anyone! I really hope everyone is as excited as I am, and with enough positive feedback I'd like to move forward with two new designs, making this a trilogy.  Possibly there is just not enough interest in this genre to justify the sequels, and that's fine.  

Be sure to let me know if you would like to reserve one of the boxes because I will only be making the approximate number or pre-orders I receive. 
Cost it $750, completion date is 2020.

Below is a fun trailer about the box!