Pi Box update 3/5/18

Jesse Born
Pi Puzzlebox Progress Update

Puzzle Boxes Assembled

Putting on the hinges the last step I needed to finish before gluing the nine sided boxes together. Making the hinges from Mexican Ebony was actually easier than I anticipated, so that was nice for my schedule. The box glueup itself is not overly complicated but cleaning up accidentals may become tedious over the next few days.
Unfortunately, my biggest holdup at the moment is waiting on the CNC machine shop to get my special parts finished. I should have figured that a small job like mine would be possibly delayed but at least I'll know to get things planned way ahead of the curve next time around.
The main focus for this week will be finishing the pie pieces on top of the puzzle with yosegi. The pieces themselves have an arc cut into them which makes laminating the yosegi an interesting process. 

I was able to get professional footage taken of some of the various box building steps the past weekend and I will be doing another short film session late this week. My hope is to have a video out on the 14th showcasing the Pi Puzzlebox with a little bit of the story behind it. I'm still trying to meet my deadline of late March/early April for shipping these puzzles so I'm trying to keep things happening as much as possible. 
I'm looking forward to putting the shellac finish on these boxes; something that's not very far away at this point.