Introducing the Pi Box! 12/22/17

Introducing the Pi Box

This puzzlebox really takes the cake!

        After hearing great feedback from my last puzzle run it took me a while to get on track with my newest creation: The Pi Box. 
The Pi Box is a nonagon box with nine wedges of "pie" in the middle that are move in a secret sequence that will unlock the box, once all nine pieces are centered the box is unlocked. At this point I only have a prototype and most of the pieces are left unglued to give me more ability to adjust and replace parts of the puzzle.

Designing this was a literal headache and I still have some more engineering to do on the sequential locking mechanism in particular. What makes this box so difficult is its very small size making the woodworking very challenging. The top is finished with yosegi but for the production run I think I will use Purple Heart/Poplar since I love their vibrant colors together.

I had given up on this design but after sharing it with a few friends I got enough encouragement and insights to keep going with the it. Eventually I was able to prove to myself that making this puzzle was possible, now I just need to make it practical! I'm quite happy for a challenge and I'm always excited to put myself in positions that force me to improve my craft.

I'm going to enjoy updating the progress on these regularly, hopefully biweekly. I've already procured 98% of the materials needed so I can start milling the lumber very soon.

At this point I really have no idea what one of these boxes will cost. For now my only concern is making a stellar design and hoping I can find excellent production techniques that will make a complex box like this more affordable. More on this later. 

A friend of mine is very skilled with video shooting and after some experimental footage in my shop I decided it would be great to try and make a short demo/trailer for this box, so hopefully that will be coming down the pike shortly. 
Thank you for the interest in the design and let me know any comments/critiques you might have!