100th Jack in the Box Finished!

I recently finished our 100th Jack in the Box puzzlebox, the final box in the limited edition. Fifteen of these boxes will be taken by Eric over at Cubicdissection.com, but if they sell out there I may still have a few left on my For Sale page. You don’t want to miss out on a beautiful puzzlebox that puzzle solvers from “rookie” to experienced can enjoy! Contact Jesse directly at [email protected].

Prototype in the Making!

I am excited to announce that I am developing a new, innovative design for another puzzlebox! I can’t release too many details about the new prototype, but I can tell you it involves new yosegi that I’ve already started making for it, it's most advanced puzzlebox I’ve ever made, and it is a “sequential discovery.” Look for more details coming soon!

Amping Up Production for Puzzle Chest!

The Secretum Cista is a unique puzzle chest with 17 drawers - each with a secret puzzle that needs to be solved to unlock the final secret compartment. This one is for the serious puzzle solver! 
The completion date is not looking realistic at this point(prior to 2020) but I will be getting more help after the fall semester ends. As of right now, I have all of the shelves and dividers with mechanisms made, but every chest is still missing twelve drawers. Hopefully, the speed will pick up as I near the finish line. 

In the first batch of five puzzle chests, I did not make the glass back able to be taken off, but I will be implementing this in the final edition. 

My sister Debra made the rough draft of this email, and she has a lot of practice writing and designing newsletters at her normal job. Things might be a little bumpy as she learns Mailchimp(wants me to buy Constant Contact...), but I'm hoping to be able to up the frequency and quality of the newsletters and Facebook posts with her help. 

I will still be replying to all emails and newsletter replies. Fire away! 
Recent Production Video!